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Our reliable and secure hosting solutions are designed to give your website the performance it needs to succeed. Let us take care of your hosting needs, so you can focus on your business and leave your mark!
Why should you choose a WordPress-specific hosting service?

Because a hosting service dedicated to WordPress is familiar with the platform and prepared for the software intricacies and nuances. What is Website Hosting? If you’re a seasoned pro on web hosting, feel free to skip this section, but if you’re seeking a little demystification of the concept, read on. Website hosting is a service that allows individuals and organizations to make their website accessible to the Internet. When you create a website, you need a place to store all the files that make up your website, such as the HTML files, images, and videos. Website hosting provides you with a server where you can store these files and make them available to users via the Internet. Website hosting is important because it allows you to make your website accessible to users around the world. Without hosting, your website will not be visible to anyone except yourself. Choosing the right hosting provider and plan is important for the success of your website, as it can affect the speed, reliability, and security of your website.

What if my domain is registered elsewhere?

If you have registered your domain name with another registrar, but you want to host with Local Leap, you can still point your domain to our website hosting server. This is done by updating the DNS (Domain Name System) records for your domain.

DNS records are essentially a map that connects your domain name to your website hosting server. When a user types ofyour domain name into their web browser, the DNS records tell their computer where to find your website files on the hosting server.

Updating the DNS records to point to a new website hosting server is a relatively quick process. You will need to access the DNS records for your domain, either through your domain registrar or through your hosting provider, and update the “name servers” or “A records” to point to your new hosting server. Once these changes have been made, it may take a few hours for the DNS updates to propagate and for your website to become accessible at the new location.

Updating the DNS records allows you to maintain ownership of your domain name and point it to a new website hosting server, without having to transfer the domain registration to a new registrar. This can be a convenient option if you want to change hosting providers or move your website to a new server, while still retaining control of your domain name.

How do I transfer my website to SWAG247?

Migrating your website can be a complex process, and using a third-party plugin may not always be the most reliable option. It’s possible that not all of your data will be transferred, which could lead to data loss if you’re not careful. To ensure a smooth and successful migration, it’s best to entrust the task to our team of experts. All we need is a login to your current hosting company or a backup with the MySQL database and WordPress files.

With SWAG247, you’ll receive updates on the status of your migration from our team. We strive to minimize downtime during the migration process, and we’ll give you the opportunity to inspect your migrated website before it goes live. Trust us to handle the technical details and give you peace of mind.

What are the different types of website hosting?

There are a few different types of website hosting, including shared hosting, VPS (virtual private server) hosting, and dedicated server hosting. Shared hosting is the most affordable option, where your website shares a server with other websites. VPS hosting is a mid-level option that offers more resources and customization than shared hosting but is still more affordable than a dedicated server. Dedicated server hosting is the most expensive option, but it provides the most resources and control, as you have a server dedicated solely to your website.

WordPress Website Support & Maintenance Services

A dedicated team of WordPress support experts to handle all of your needs. We offer different packages and SLAs based on your specific WordPress maintenance service’s needs.

Why choose SWAG247 for website support ?

When it comes to your company’s website, routine maintenance is critical. There is no “launch and done” if you want to remain competitive online. At SWAG247. we specialize in local search engine optimization (SEO) and understand that site maintenance forms the necessary foundation for success in the digital marketplace.

Regular WordPress maintenance can ensure you remain relevant. It allows you to incorporate your overall business shifts into your website and ensures you’re keeping your site on-trend and user-friendly. Our strategic maintenance includes:

  • a monthly review of your website statistics with corresponding recommendations and appropriate actions.
  • routinely testing pop-ups, customer forms and other requests for information to ensure proper operation.
  • optimization of mobile responsiveness – are you at your best on all device sizes?
  • regular browser checks – is your site displayed as intended on each platform?
  • workflow analysis – what can your site take off your/your employee’s plate? Where can digital steps save time or money?
  • business strategy congruence measures – is your site in line with your defined business goals?

Weekly Website Updates

When your site isn’t functioning properly, you portray a less-than-ideal image to your customers and clients. With our website maintenance service, you can be certain your site is operating as designed. We’ll be working weekly for you, conducting:

  • loading checks for each page on your site
  • systematic checks for broken links and 404 errors
  • form operation verification
  • website software updates
  • plugin software updates
  • spam removal

Website Web Design
& Development

We design and build mobile responsive websites focused on SEO, speed, conversions, and brand. Creating dynamic and responsive websites to enhance your online presence.
Invest In Your Website & Create More Leads

Your website must become a tool that turns tire-kickers into leads and morphs a half-hearted Google search into a happy customer. The large majority of the billions of searches are carried out on a mobile device. Your website must be built and modified to reach that specific population. This factor may sound like a no-brainer of an issue because we all use our smartphones and tablets all day long to browse, research, and make our business decisions. However, on the technical end of things, creating a website that is responsive and dynamically functional on all devices is a taller order than one might think. That is why Local Leap Marketing is the best company to handle all of your web design needs. We know precisely what it takes to build an attractive website that is fully optimized and generates leads.

Search Engine

Our analytics certified SEO team excels at local & national search campaigns. Bounce no more, you’re found! Winning new business starts with strong search rankings!
Top 14 SEO Benefits

  • SEO Benefit 1: Brings Organic Search Traffic to your Website.
  • SEO Benefit 2: Builds Trust.
  • SEO Benefit 3: Enhances PPC Success.
  • SEO Benefit 4: Generates Leads Cost-Effectively.
  • SEO Benefit 5: Gets You Ahead of the Competition.
  • SEO Benefit 6: Improves Credibility.
  • SEO Benefit 7: Increases Brand Awareness.
  • SEO Benefit 8: Increases Organic Discovery & High-Quality Website Traffic.
  • SEO Benefit 9: Offers Impressive ROI.
  • SEO Benefit 10: Optimizes User Experience.
  • SEO Benefit 11: Optimizes Your Website for Mobile Users.
  • SEO Benefit 12: Provides 24/7 Promotion.
  • SEO Benefit 13: Reaches Your Entire Target Audience.
  • SEO Benefit 14: Targets the Entire Marketing Funnel.

These are the most important reasons to add SEO for your business.  SEO gives you the power to be the answer to potential customers’ questions. In addition to visibility and traffic increase, SEO contributes to your authoritative voice in your field. Authority then leads to brand trust, which ultimately leads to brand loyalty.

Website Security Updates & Annual Maintenance

Website technology advancements continue at an impressive pace, allowing us to do more, reach more and store more. But, with this growth comes an increasing reliance on system redundancies, overall greater risks and opportunities for criminal mischievousness. SWAG247 actively engaged in the marketing industry, studying the emerging threats and vetting all the newest security tools. You can trust us for:

Annual Maintenance Include

  • weekly site backups
  • carefully reviewing security scan outputs, acting where necessary
  • implementing WordPress security updates
  • updating contact information with the domain registrar
  • analyzing overall website design and layout for possible updating
  • blog performance analysis
  • reviewing blog entries for needed updates.
  • full review and editing of site copy for grammar, spelling, and overall content accuracy.
  • site backup process review
  • domain name renewal

Your WordPress website is your online storefront. It is likely your most utilized and influential consumer touchpoint, providing marketing, branding, communications, customer education, critical data caching and much more. Once you’ve got your site where you want it (and if you don’t yet, let us help you!), you can trust SWAG247 to keep it functioning at the peak of performance. Contact us today to discuss website maintenance options that work for your business!

Smooth WordPress Website & Email Transfer

Professional Website Migration

We offer professional website migration service for as low as $85.00 per site. Our experts will do all the work for you, transferring your files and databases. We migrate more than 3,000 sites per year and know the ins and outs of how to make the process smooth and risk-free for you!

Free Email Migrator

You may easily migrate your mailboxes through Site Tools using our completely free Email Migrator. You just need to provide your current mailbox details and the transfer will be initiated. The Email Migrator will promptly and securely copy all your email messages while keeping your mailbox structure intact.